How Google Evaluates High Authority Backlinks


One of the best SEO tools to use is the inclusion of high authority backlinks.  It can help you rank better in search engine results and it also enhances the user’s experience.  It can seem hard to get linkbuilding to your website and you may want to go anywhere and everywhere to get them.  But, search engines such as Google rank backlinks on a few different criteria. To make sure you protect your ranking, be careful with the links you ask for and accept.

Not All Links are Good Links

Not all backlinks that you earn are good ones.  This is where the understanding of “authority” comes in to play.  When a link has “high authority“, Google sees it as important and valuable to users.  But if a link has “low authority”, it’s unimportant and useless to users.  High authority backlinks cause Google to rank your website higher in rankings.  So, the more authority you link buildings have, the better!

            Another detail with link authority is that it is quality over quantity.  Five links with high authority backlink are better than ten link building with low authority. 

The Focus Points For High Authority Backlinks


Google keeps a lot of their focus points a secret to keep people from manipulating the system.  But here are some of things you can focus on in your search for linkbuilding. 

The Keywords Used:

Google likes websites that are useful for each other.  If both websites focus on the same keywords, Google understands that as valuable.  For example, if a website focused on dogs connects to a website focused on dog grooming.  This has a high authority backlinks because the keywords connect logically.

The Reputation of Both Websites:

If the website creating the linkbuilding is sketchy, it has low backlink authority.  This is also the same if your website is sketchy.  It’s important that both websites be of the same, high caliber for the best results.

The Quality of The Content:

Google crawlers are now smart enough to understand the quality of the content.  This is done through their metrics as well as paying attention to web users.  Both websites should focus on high quality and professional content.

Authority Linkbuilding Take Time:

Another detail that Google uses to rank authority is the timing of the linking.  There are some websites that try to sell and buy backlinks, which happens quickly.  High authority backlinks take time and patience to earn.  While it may be faster to buy linkbuilding, it will hurt your search rating. 

            If Google finds out that you are buying hyperlinks, it can get you in trouble.  They may demote your website’s natural ranking and sometimes will kick you off.  There’s nothing worse for SEO than getting kicked off search engine result pages.  It can be hard to get back in their good books, too.  Since bought link building have low authority, it’s not worth it.

            So, make connections within your industry and create natural links that way.  Since everyone is in the same boat, it won’t be impossible to create organic links. 

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