Website Speed Optimization

Why Your Website Should Be Optimized For Speed

Website speed optimization can be tricky. Who wants a slow website? Who even likes a slow website? No one. When a site is optimized for speed it is more liked and more likely to attract site visitors. If a person is new to optimization or is frankly not tech savvy website speed optimization may be a hard thing for them to accomplish for their site. To help you out we have created some tips to guide you on optimizing your site for the fastest speed possible.

There are sever reason getting slow which are:

What we include for site Speed Optimization:

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Basic  Management-I

Home page Optimization ! Google & Gtmetrix page speed both 80+ OR 3 second less

Standard  Management-II
Your site speed optimized (Up to 10 dev. hours) Gtmetrix page speed both 85+ OR 3 second less
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Broken Links

Quick solutions to speed optimization are fixing broken links. You can check to see if all the links on your website are working properly. If not fix these links. You may need professional assistance. Additionally, your images may cause slow loading of your site. Those images may need to be resized.

Image File

Once you solve the issues with broken links and images there are some other things you can do as well to help your website to be optimized. A lot of load time is soaked up by HTTP requests. Every script and image triggers a HTTP request. Minimizing these requests can help speed up the site load time. Combining files is another effective tip. These files also relate to HTTP requests. Changing both of these can have a mega effect on loading time.

Additional Plugins

One of the most website speed optimization problem is additional plugin. Working on caching can help speed up load times. Search for caching plugins. Do not overdo things with adding several plugins. Too many plugins can negatively effect speed time. This goes for external services and advertisers. If you run ads on your website do not have an excessive amount of ad spaces. An excessive amount of ads will lead to a slower speed. When selecting a theme for your site be mindful that a theme effects speed. Select themes that are lightweight. Do not select a theme solely for the aesthetics. Keep in mind your theme will effect speed too.

Technical Issue

Sometimes websites have more technical issues. These technical issues may be overwhelming to a site owner. Professionals are best suited for issues that relate to content delivery, hosting and server issues. Issues that relate to content delivery can be solved. Sometimes it is necessary to have a content delivery network to optimize for faster speed. Your host website speed optimization may occasionally cause problems. If so easily switch to another host. There are several different types of hosting. Select a hosting that best suits your website traffic amount. Improving the server time can help with speed optimization.


A website should be optimized for speed because if the site loads slowly it can cause site visitors to not wait until the site loads. Site visitors will then suddenly leave. This will effect your metrics big time. You will have less site visitors which will lead to less sales for your site. If you run ads on your web host, this will effect the number of people who view your ads causing a loss in advertisement revenue. Take these tips and apply them to your website.