Does Your Website Loading Speed Take A Long Time?


Website loading speed is one of the most important part for on page SEO. Does your site take a long time to load? If so, we have the exact tips to fix this problem. A slow loading website can cause many problems for you and for site visitors. A slow loading speed is not good for search engine optimization. You could possibly rank lower due to a slow loading site. Ultimately, the slower your site loading speed is means you may have less page views. Less page views has the potential to effect the revenue your website makes. Below we have it all laid out on how you can get your site speed to load quickly.


Sitemap Optimization

The first step is to make sure your site has a sitemap. A sitemap contains all of your site’s pages. A sitemap that is managed well help your search engine optimization ranking. The more user friendly you have made your site will help your SEO ranking and will appeal to more viewers.

Picture Optimization

Next if you are having trouble with getting your website to load quickly optimize pictures. Compress files of images. If you have large sized images, this will slow down speed. After you compress image files, look at the theme of your website. It may be helpful to choose a mobile optimized theme. Choose a theme like this that allows you to make optimizations in regards to site loading speed.

speed test

Broken Links

Look over links. Sometimes broken links can lead to a website loading speed slowly. Test your website for broken links. There are third party providers that will test your site for errors including broken links. If you’re still having trouble with the speed of the site clear browser cache. This is a common fix to slow speeds.

Lastly, if your website loading speed slowly it may be time to look for professional help. There are several professionals on the internet who offer their services to aid you in helping any issues you are experiencing with the speed of your website.

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